a fantasy adventure series by D.R. Casselman

Escape to the land of Narda

Book One: Road to Andolan

“The Tales of Narda are classical fantasy that will reawaken in you the same thrills you felt when you first encountered Tolkien’s Middle-Earth.” — D.J. Butler, award-winning author of Witchy Kingdom
The land of Narda: an environment that is both incredibly enchanting and extremely dangerous. A continent of rivers and woods, of mountains and plains, of deserts and flowering fields.
In times past, the Nydar, Syndar and Tynar races of Eldarin, colonizers of Narda in the First Age, lived in harmony. That all changed when one of their own set up separate rule in the East, taking charge by murdering and exiling his own people. Survivors of the onslaught fled to another land, far away. But … they have always longed to return.
Finally, after 60 years, a plan is set in motion.

In Road to Andolan, join Eathelon and his brave companions on their challenging journey through this land, inhabited by giant Northmen, Lit’ls, an evil King and his treacherous forces, as well as exotic creatures such as Fyrcaats, Baerwolffs, Sinter Hawks, and more, in their adventurous and, at times, harrowing, quest to find the missing Seeing Stones and to restore their homeland to its former glory.

An excerpt from Road to Andolan

Eathelon ordered Tomas down to the deck, then a sudden squall erupted into a wild, churning maelstrom. The crew had little time to react, as it unleashed its fury upon them and they all scrambled to meet it head-on. A gust of gale-force wind, filled with rain and seawater, hit the ship hard on the starboard side and listed it to port, sending Marchal sliding into the rail.


Eathelon held onto the rigging and helped Tomas down, as Palo tightened his grip on the wheel. Lightning struck all around them as the waves and wind pounded the ship from every direction.


“Hold on!” yelled Eathelon, as Tomas landed on the deck and grabbed for the rail.


The small crew worked furiously to keep the Sirine afloat, as the tempest tossed it about like a toy. Eathelon wondered if he’d made an error in his course calculation, or if there was an error in the charts, but in truth, the growing tempest had driven them off course to a place where the Westmost Sea and Southern Sea currents collide and they found themselves in the grip of the stronger current of the Southern Sea, as the storm unleashed its full fury on them.

“Hard to port, hard to port!” Eathelon yelled to Palo over the howling wind.

Palo turned the wheel with all of his might and, though strong, struggled to keep the ship upright.

“Tomas, Marchal, over here!” Eathelon barked. “Help me get the sail down.!”

A wave washed over the starboard side and sent them all crashing into the rail.

“Hold on!” he yelled. The last thing they needed was a man overboard!

The three men began to work frantically to get the mainsail down, as the wind threatened to rip it to shreds. Ship and crew were thrust atop mountainous waves and pushed down into watery valleys over and over again, and before they could get the sail down, the gale-force wind ripped it apart and the Sirine floundered.

The killing storm had come up out of nowhere and Eathelon knew that the Eldarin ships of old must have been sunk by a storm like it.

Map of the continent of Narda

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