a fantasy adventure series by D.R. Casselman

Enemies and unexpected friends

Book Two: "Paths of Fyr"

When the old alliances are rekindled, Eathelon is forced to part company with his companions and take on new ones, as each is given his own task in the overall plan to defend the West, for only their combined efforts will have any possibility to save Narda. Eathelon’s errand takes him East, straight into the lair of the enemy, where he faces more of Narda’s dangerous creatures in his quest to find the missing Seeing Stones.
Eathelon makes new and unusual friends who offer to assist him in his race against time to thwart the enemy’s invasion of the West. His journey finds him gaining new abilities and encountering some surprises, as he continues his quest to rid Narda of evil and bring his mother’s people out of exile, back to their beloved homeland.

An excerpt from "Paths of Fyr"

… Eathelon walked along a narrow trail that hugged the eastern side of the Fyr Mountains, a mere speck, dwarfed by the high barren peaks. He made his way north in silence, toward the Moors, doing his best to remain hidden, for he did not know these lands or what creatures might dwell in them. To his right, he saw the wide plains of Gorst sloping down to the Eastmost Sea, and he mused how the beauty of the scene contrasted with the evil he knew dwelt there. 

Camouflaged against the mountainside, he had no need to hunt, for the Fyrls had provided him food enough for a week, sufficient time for him to reach the Moors, they said.


He did not know where to look for the Druid, but decided that once he reached the Moors, the Druid would find him. He only hoped nothing else found him first. He had heard about trelks and other foul creatures that lived here.


A full month had now passed, since he and Tholin had left Lingolia. It was

 Andril— Midwinter, with Rèna— Earlyspring only eight short weeks away.


The pressure of time to complete his errand bore down on him like an enemy determined to thwart his persistence.

But he must trust to his friends to carry out their tasks in defense of the West and keep to the accomplishment of his own. He must keep courage near and push away his fear, which as his mother warned, would only rob him of power and hand it to his enemy. He wished for better foresight, to know what lay ahead, but for now he would trust to his instincts and intuition.
He hiked all day and the Fyr Mountains had begun to fall into shadow, when he heard the unmistakable call of a sinter hawk. He looked up to find several of them circling high above, near the top of the mountain. He sat down on a rock to wait, as they spiraled down to him. Once they had settled onto the rocks around him, he stretched out his arm, palm up, to receive the message, anxious to know who sent it. Seeing his gesture, one hawk flew over and dropped the message into his hand, then flew back to join the others and wait.
Eathelon carefully untied the string, opened the message and read it, with a smile.
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Map of the continent of Narda

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