Some of the characters & creatures you will meet in Narda

Eathelon (pronounced “Atalon”) is of mixed ancestry, and the first Prince of the Mallorites, a new race created by the union of his native Maagi father, King of Melatui, and his Syndar Eldarin mother, whose race was exiled there over 60 years ago. Eathelon is intelligent, a skilled warrior and natural leader but is subject to occasional bouts of self-doubt due to his mixed heritage.

Palo is a warrior, Eathelon’s companion and protector – in many ways like an older brother. He is a Maagi native whose father was a friend to Eathelon’s father, so the two grew up together though Palo is 10 years older. He is a typical Maagi who says little yet means much and does not express a great deal of emotion. He is a fierce fighter and would protect Eathelon to the death.

Darian leads the Rangers of Numar, who patrol the southern lands of Hamlan (see map below). It is through his heritage as a Nydar Eldarin, which he has kept hidden for his own protection, that he unexpectedly discovers he shares a kinship with Eathelon. A friend of Stefen and Arestor, Darian is outgoing, makes friends easily, and rarely misses in his assessment of others.

Meolin is the daughter of two Eldarin parents, Melannor and Mereador (aka The Druid on the Moors), who was unintentionally abandoned at the age of five. She was raised in Northwest Wood by Elvenkin, who sometimes refer to her as the Maiden of the Wood. Meolin is precocious and intelligent and is able to talk to the creatures of the wood. At times, she has issues about being abandoned at a young age.

Stefen is the son of Aneron, King of the West. He grew up in Andolan and is in charge of the city’s soldiers. Stefen will be king of Narda and is content, for that reason, with his arranged marriage to the daughter of the King of the East. He is a good friend to Arestor and Darian, very duty-oriented, and carries out the role of a prince who will later take the throne. He is respectful to his father and protective of his sister, Scirra.

Arestor is next in line to become Captain of the Guard of Hamlan, a prestigious post he must earn. He is the senior officer of the Andolan soldiers and a good friend of both Darian and Stefen, Hamlan’s prince. Arestor tends to speak his mind, even when it might, and does, get him in trouble. He is an outstanding soldier and a capable leader, someone his men look up to and respect.

Sinter Hawk – a large, ancient sentient hawk of Narda, used as a messenger bird by the Eldárin and Elvenkin.

Baerwolff – a sizable animal of Elevenvale with the body of a baer and head of a wolff.

Fyrcaat – an ancient creature of Narda, with short-reaching fiery breath and a tail wielding poisonous barbs.

Map of the continent of Narda

NARDA – the land colonized by the Eldarin.

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