a fantasy adventure series by D.R. Casselman

D. R. Casselman

A native of Southern California, D. R. Casselman has had multiple careers as a writer, illustrator, composer, singer, producer, computer industry pioneer, business consultant and mother.

She is a founding member of The Hollywood Writer’s Society, a group that has helped to inspire writers and showcase their works. She has written and directed technical scripts for stage productions and even performed in some of them.

In 1976, when she was traveling throughout the Far East, she discovered the magical works of J.R.R.Tolkien and the seeds for Tales of Narda were planted. Her fascination with languages, cultures, races, adventure and unforgettable characters permeate her novel.

Prolific in all endeavors, her first fantasy adventure story takes four books to tell and depicts an original world rich with its own languages, history, art, genealogy, creatures and geography. Following Tales of Narda , she plans to continue the adventure story and create other worlds in book and film to intrigue, inspire, excite and entertain readers and viewers.

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